What do I need to do before I enter an urban toll area?

Do I need to register for charging schemes? No, you usually do not have to, but it is often cheaper if you do.

Registering by internet Registering by phone Registering by Mobile phone

In which road toll cities do I have to do what?

In some schemes you have to pay after entering or crossing. For other schemes you receive a bill by post.

The table below sets out the options.

Type of payment

Type of payment/registration

Bill by post if not registered (but cheaper if you register)

All Norwegian schemes

Bill by post if not registered Goteborg, Stockholm and Valetta (Malta),

1) pay when or shortly after you enter or cross, or
2) register for easier payment

Milan Area C, Dartford

London (easier and cheaper)

Pay at entry gates


For details on how to pay see each city (linked above).

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