Sadler Consultants, and the CLARS website, are part of a successful four-year Horizon 2020-funded project to help city authorities improve liability in their cities: ReVeAL (Regulating Vehicle Access for Improved Liveability).

Urban Vehicle Access Regulations (UVAR) can be one of the most effective levers to help achieve a number of goals that a city has. The goals might include achieving climate neutrality; reducing congestion; or improving air quality, public transport or urban liveability.

The ReVeAL Project, (Regulating Vehicle Access for Improved Liveability), combines desk research and case study research with hands-on UVAR implementation in six pilot cities: Helmond (NL), Jerusalem (IL), London (UK), Padova (IT), Vitoria-Gasteiz (ES) and Bielefeld (DE). The project will both support these 6 cities as well as produce support tools for other towns and cities wanting to implement UVARs. Pilot cities are committed to develop, implement, test and evaluate one or more of the UVAR measures below:

  • Zero Emission Zones
  • Spatial Interventions (eg superblocks, reclaiming streets from parking)
  • Pricing Measures
  • Future Options (such as C-ITS and geo-fencing)

The Zero Emission Zone aspects will be led by Sadler Consultants. While Zero Emission Zones might seem far-fetched, there are already a number in operation around Europe, more planned, and it is likely that these numbers will grow towards reaching goals relating to climate neutrality.

The introduction of a UVAR impacts a city’s transport system as a whole, so requires coordination of different aspects - all of which play a role in any change process; called in ReVeAL the four ‘Transition Areas’:

  • Governance and Financing,
  • User Needs/ Acceptance,
  • Mobility Concepts; and
  • System Design/ Technology

ReVeAL will support implementation of UVARs through these four ‘Transition Areas’, as well as on specific UVAR aspects.

Please see here for a recent presentation on ReVeAL by Lucy Sadler at the Polis Conference 2019.

If you want to be involved with the ReVeAL please apply to be on the ReVeAL Reference Group. Deadline is 20 December 2019. If you are a city authority, registered CLARS members will also be kept up to date with the project outcomes. 


ReVeAL will produce UVAR support tools to help support other cities to implement good quality UVARs. UVARs that bring the desired improvements, whilst ensuring appropriate accessibility for people and goods to enable an improved, well-functioning – town or city. The support tools will include a

  • UVAR Readiness Assessment and
  • UVAR Process Advisor
  • As well as information on the four Transition Areas.

ReVeAL will reach out to those outside the project both through a Reference Group, and through other organisations, including in particular CLARS, which works with both public authorities and stakeholders on UVARs.  This will enable others to both learn from the project before its conclusion, as well as input into the project to ensure that the project outputs are what are needed by cities, and other stakeholders.

More information will be provided on ReVeAL during the project, with updates posted on this page, as well as further details on a ReVeAL website (to be launched shortly).

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