Amersfoort will be carfree in 2021

The city of Amersfoort, the Netherlands will no longer allow cars to enter its historic centre.

Residents and companies who live in the area or often have to be here for work can request access. 

What is the car-free area?

In this area, car traffic is only possible 24/7 for people with an access exemption.
The closed core shopping area runs straight through the low-traffic area. The access exemption for the low-traffic area is not valid in the Kernwinkel area. This area is accessible to everyone at two times of the day during the window times. That way, everyone can load and unload at the stores.

The access roads to the car-free area (at the Molenstraat, the Kleine Haag, the Kamp (near the Kamperbinnenpoort) and the Bloemendalsestraat (at the level of the Teut)) have been adapted so that it is clear that you are entering the car-free area.

For more information go to our website Amersfoort - carfree.

Source: pixabay, libre1808


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