Rotterdam low emission zone no longer includes light duty vehicles

Rotterdam's measures have been so successful that the city is able to allow older petrol cars back in the Low Emission Zone.

 Rotterdam's coalition says: 'Through cleaner air, Rotterdam is even more attractive for residents and businesses. A sustainable, energy-efficient Rotterdam with better air quality.' 

With better air quality, Rotterdam will become even more attractive and healthier for residents and businesses. Rotterdam has taken many different measures in recent years, including the establishment of an environmental zone. The evaluation of the measures has shown that the effect on air quality was very positive.

On 26 June 2018 the new coalition in Rotterdam presented its agreement "New energy for Rotterdam". The existing environmental zone is being phased out in two steps:

     petrol cars from before 1 July 1992 have been admitted again since 26 June 2018
     diesel cars from before 2001 will be admitted again from 1 January 2020

The environmental zone for lorries remains in force.

Rotterdam pixabay picture

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