Stuttgart Feinstaubalarm future alerts

Stuttgart Smog Alarm is triggered from 3 December 2019. 

We will in future not include news articles on this, but link you to the city website. There are many pollution emergency schemes in Europe, from Norway to Italy to France, Spain any beyond. Please look at the individual cities before you travel.

There is also a legal ban on 'comfort fires' (fires that are not the primary source of heat) that starts from 18:00 on the 2 December 2019.

Stuttgart has improved the public transport. There is more capacity, simpler, cheaper travel zones. A single ticket for all Stuttgart is 2.50€, a day ticket 5.20€ (5€ with the mobile phone).

See our  Stuttgart Feinstaubalarm page for more details.

The previous Alarms were:

  • 20-26 November
  • 14 November from 00:00 until 15 November at midnight
  • 10-11 November
  • 23-26 October


The topic of air pollution is an important one for Stuttgart. Due to its geographic position in a deep circular valley, it is prone to inversion.

Stuttgart is aware of the problem and has been taken steps towards better air quality. That means less noise, less congestion, less stress and above all less pollutants in the air.

In 2018, the legal particulate matter limit values ​​were observed at all measuring stations in the city for the very first time. In the year 2018, the State Institute for the Environment Baden-Wuerttemberg (LUBW) recorded 20 exceeded days at the measuring point "Am Neckartor". Allowed, by law, are 35 days of over 50 micrograms per cubic meter of air per year. In 2017, the values were exceeded on 41 days. 
The city has invested in public transport, pedestrian and bicycle traffic, measures for smoother traffic, more city green for the urban climate, projects such as the air filter columns or street cleaning and also the fine dust alarm.

The particulate matter alarm period lasts from 15 October 2019 to 15 April 2020.

Stuttgart Smog alarm from 25 October 2017

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