London Ultra Low Emission Zone has started

London's Ultra Low Emission Zone is now in operation: Euro 6 Diesel, Euro 4 Petrol.

The Ultra Low Emission Zone (known as ULEZ), is now operating in central London: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Vehicles will need to meet new clean standards, or pay a daily fee in addition to the existing congestion charge to drive within the zone. 

Over 2 million Londoners live in areas with illegal levels of air pollution — including 400,000 children. But ULEZ is expected to reduce road transport emissions by 45% in central London, making our city safer and cleaner.  

Toxic air kills. Without action, London would take 193 years to meet the health-based air quality standards, see the video from the Mayor of London to help you to learn more.


For more information on the London Ultra Low Emission Zone, and what it means to you, see our London page. You can also find information on London's many other schemes too. 

There is a £23 million fund to help charities and micro-businesses.  It will be followed later this year with a £25 million fund to help lower-income households scrap polluting vehicles.

For more information on the funds available for charities, micro-businesses and those on low incomes see the Scrappage Scheme page on London's TfL ULEZ website.



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