When considering retrofitting your vehicle, it is important to make sure that you get the right retrofit to allow you entry into the Low Emission Zones you need.

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Which Countries allow Retrofitting?

Which Companies offer Retrofitting?

Which Countries allow Retrofitting?

More information is available from the pages on the individual LEZs, and each LEZs' own websites, but in general in terms of fitting particulate filters:

In Austria you can retrofit some lorries with a particulate filter to meet the emissions standards.

In Germany you can retrofit to Euro 2, 3 or 4 with a particulate filter.

In Belgium Euro 3 diesel vehicles with a particulate filter can enter until 2019 (after registration).

In the Netherlands since July 2013 the full Euro 4 standard is required to access to the environmental zones, and retrofitted vehicles are no longer allowed. More information (in Dutch).

In Londonvehicles can be retrofitted as long as the retrofit device is certified as meeting the required emissions standard of Euro 4 in 2012. Only full filters are certified in London.

In Denmarkparticulate filters should be fitted on Euro 3 or earlier vehicles after 2010. Only full filters are certified in Denmark.

In most Italian low emission zones particulate filters can be fitted to allow access. However, this depends on the individual city.

In Sweden retrofitting is allowed if you meet fit both a particulate filter and SCR to meet the required standard.

The section below outlines where you can find a retrofit for your vehicle.


Which Companies offer Retrofitting? 

The countries that allow retrofitting require manufacturers to be certified. This makes sure that the retrofit does what it is supposed to do, and that the company is solid, so will still be around to fix any warranty issues.

The file below shows which retrofit manufacturer is certified for which countries. These data are checked regularly and updated when anything changes.

The companies will support you in choosing the right retrofit for your vehicle and trip types.

Certified retrofits last updated 07 02 2017


Please note:

  • This table gives a guide only to which manufacturers provide filters that are certified. Not every vehicle or vehicle usage is necessarily covered by each manufacturer. The retrofit manufacturer or fitter will be able to advise you which retrofit is right for your vehicle.
  • This table should be taken only as a guide to the filters certified. It contains data from official sources in each case and is regularly updated - however, it may not be always as up to date as the official source.
  • If you download or print these files, please remember to check this page regularly for updates.
  • If there is no entry in the cell, then the equipment is not valid for that option.
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