There are a number of low emission zones and access regulations in French cities. Sometimes the low emission zones affect delivery vehicles only.

The low emission zones require a sticker called Crit'Air (Certificats qualité de l’air = air quality certificates) which are mandatory for French and foreign vehicles.

For vehicles registered in France, the French LEZ stickers can be bought here.

Stickers for foreign vehicles can be bought in English, French, German or Spanish. These stickers can be bought by those outside France. Please allow enough time for delivery.
Please note: Buying stickers from some websites can cost up to 5 times the price, so check carefully, and use official sales websites.

There are also emergency schemes during times of high pollution. The French law says that they may be possible in any city. The cities on our list are the cities which have ordinances allowing for pollution schemes.

We also provide information on France's motorway tolls here.

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